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Briefly discuss the impact of government policy changes on business and industry?

class-12th business studies

Asked By Nilima Kapoor

3 Answers

  • Sonia Mehra

    a) Increasing completion
    b) More demanding customers
    c) Rapidly changing technological environment
  • Naina Sharma

    Government policy changes have a gret impact on the workings of business and industry. 1.increases competition orientation 3.more demanding customers 4.increase in exports 5.efficient technology.
  • Kuldeep Pilania

    The following points highlight the impact of government policy changes on the business and industry.
    i. Increased Competition
    ii. Increased Demand
    iii . Change in Business Policies
    iv. Technological Changes
    v. Need for Trained Personnel
    vi. Greater Market Orientation
    vii. Less Reliance on Budgetary Support by Public Sector Enterprises.

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