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How have advances in technology affected the game of cricket?

class- 7th English

Asked By Deepika Sharma

3 Answers

  • Mamta Kumar

    The advances in technology have affected the game of cricket in the matter of protective equipment. The invention of vulcanised rubber led to the introduction of pads in 1848 and protective gloves soon afterwards. The modern game would be unimaginable without helmets made out of metal and synthetic lightweight materials.
  • Sneha Kaur

    now advancement in television technology has proved to be a boon for has helped the spectaters watch their teams game more closely. and not the mension about the help that it gives the umpire during giving some closed disicion. added to it it helps the teams make their stratergies by watching their rivals previous game, also the players to develop their techniques and trying to remove their mistakes. it has also helped the youngsters to learn form the icons. and the list doesnot ends here.
  • Daamodar Kumar

    Since the matches are being telecasted, attendance in the stadium has considerably reduced as only people who are crazy
    about the game will go to stadium to watch the match

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