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List any two characteristics of secondary market. (

class-12th business studies

Asked By Nilima Kapoor

2 Answers

  • Sonia Mehra

    (i) It is a Market for purchase and sale of existing securities
    (ii) Both Buying and Selling of Securities can take place here.
  • Kuldeep Pilania

    1. Money Market. The market where marketable debt instruments are offered by dealers for resale to new investors. For example, the dealer market in negotiable Certificates of Deposit (CDs) is concentrated in 25 dealers based in New York. Trades in negotiable CDs between dealers and their customers are in lots of $1 million or more.
    2. Mortgages. The nationwide Secondary Mortgage Market for purchase and sale of existing mortgages; the market in which mortgages are originated is the primary market. See also Securitization.

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