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What are the four kinds of nitrogen bases in DNA?

Class-12 Biology

Asked By Raj Kapoor

4 Answers

  • Mehak Rajput

    Nitrogen Bases of DNA - These are rather complex single or double ring
    structures containing nitrogen and are attached to the carbon of the
    sugar. Nitrogen bases are of two types based on the number of rings.


    Purines are double ringed nitrogenous bases which are linked to sugar
    by using nitrogen present at 9' -position. Adenine and guanine come
    under this group.
  • Radhika Sharma

    Adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine are the four nitrogen bases in DNA.
  • Shubhanshu Jaiswal

    adenine and thymine are always together

    and cytosine and guanine are always together
  • Keshav Sharma

    The four nitrogen bases are:

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