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What do you mean by manuscript?

Class 6th

Asked By Rishabh Kumar

3 Answers

  • Payal Sharma

    Manuscript is a Latin word which means Hand scripts. These were written in palm leaves or bark of the tree known as birch(grows in Himalayas). The palm leaves were cut into pages and tied to make a book.
  • Suhani Jha

    A manuscript is any document written by hand, as opposed to being printed or reproduced in some other way. Before the arrival of printing, all documents and books were manuscripts. In publishing and academic contexts, a manuscript is the text submitted to the publisher or printer in preparation for publication, regardless of the format. Until recently a typescript prepared on a typewriter was usual, but today a digital file with a printout, prepared in manuscript format is most common. Manuscripts are normally required by publishing companies before being published.
  • Naina Sharma

    1. handwritten book: a book or other text written by hand, especially one written before the invention of printing
    rare medieval manuscripts

    2. author's original text: an author's text for a book, article, or other piece of written work as it is submitted for publication

    3. handwriting: handwriting as opposed to the printed word

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