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What is meant by ‘Induction Training’?

class-12th business studies

Asked By Nilima Kapoor

3 Answers

  • Sonia Mehra

    Induction Training refers to the process of introducing the selected employees to
    other employees and familiarising him with the rules and policies of the
  • Kuldeep Pilania

    Induction training is a type of training given as an initial preparation upon taking up a post. To help new people get to work initially after joining a firm, a brief programme of this training can be delivered to the new worker as a way to help integrate the new employee, both as a productive.
  • Naina Sharma

    Induction training refers to a situation where a person is adequately prepared before taking up a role or duty. The goal of induction training is to assist new employees reach the level of performance expected from an experienced worker. This type of training is done systematically.