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    Why copper and aluminium wires are usually used for electricity transmission?

    Class 10th Chemistry

    Asked By Meddy Sharma

    4 Answers

    • 1

      Keshav Sharma

      Because they are good conductors of electricity, the best one is Silver but is too expensive to use.

      Keshav Sharma
    • 2

      Suresh Ram

      Both metals have a low resistance to conductivity. They are extremely
      flexible and do not degrade under electrical transmission as do other
      metals. They are less expensive than the best conductors, silver and

      Suresh Ram
    • 3

      Rupenzal Kapoor

      Aluminium is a much lighter metal than copper - about 1/3 of the density and has better corrosion resistance.

      Rupenzal Kapoor
    • 4

      Shubhanshu Jaiswal

      Copper is mainly used in low voltage applications.

      One advantage of coper over aluminium is that it can be soldered easily which is a big advantage in electronic devices

      Shubhanshu Jaiswal