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General Properties of Matter for XI Standard & IIT-JEE

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Self-Study Content
  1. Introduction to General Property of Matter 01/29

    Topics : Introduction, Concept of Pressure, Pressure inside Fluid Physics, class XI, Unit: General

  2. Measurement of Pressure: General Property of Matter 03/29

    Topics : Atmospheric Pressure, Measurement of Pressure, Toricelli's Barometer, Manometer Physics,

  3. Pressure in Horizontal Accelerating Fluid: General Property of Matter 05/29

    Topics : Pressure in Accelerating Fluid, Problems on Pressure Physics, class XI, Unit: General Prop

  4. Archimedes Principle: General Property of Matter 07/29

    Topics : Hydraulic lift and break, Buoyant force, Upthrust, Archimedes Principle Physics, class XI,

  5. Principle of Floating: General Property of Matter 09/29

    Topics : Principle of Floating, Problems on Floating Physics, class XI, Unit: General Properties of

  6. Equilibrium of Floating Objects: General Property of Matter 11/29

    Topics : Equilibrium of Floating Objects Physics, class XI, Unit: General Properties of Matter Vis

  7. Equation of Continuity: General Property of Matter 13/29

    Topics : Flow in a tube, Volume flow rate, Equation of Continuity Physics, class XI, Unit: General

  8. Speed of Efflux: General Property of Matter 15/29

    Topics : Speed Of Efflux and Toricelli's Law, Application of Bernoulli's Principle Physics, class X

  9. Venturimeter: General Property of Matter 17/29

    Topics : Venturimeter Physics, class XI, Unit: General Properties of Matter Visit us at www.m-lear

  10. Elasticity : General Property of Matter 19/29

    Topics : Problems on Fluid Dynamics, Pitot tube, Aspirator Pump, Aerodynamic lift Physics, class XI

  11. Hooke's law: General Property of Matter 21/29

    Topics :Hooke's Law, Volumetric stress and strain, Hooke's law, problems on Hooke's law Physics, cl

  12. Ductility and Malleability: General Property of Matter 23

    Topics :Ductility and Malleability, Resilience and Toughness, Problems on elasticity Physics, class

  13. Stoke's law: General Property of Matter 25/29

    Topics : Stoke's law and terminal speed, problems on Viscosity Physics, class XI, Unit: General Pro

  14. Surface tension: General Property of Matter 27/29

    Topics : Surface tension, relation between surface tension and surface energy, pressure difference a

  15. Liquid in Capillary: General Property of Matter 29

    Topics : Rise of liquid in Capillary, Meniscus, Depressing of liquid in capillary, cleansing action


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