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Microsoft Excel 2007: Power Shortcuts

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In Excel 2007 Power Shortcuts, Adobe product manager and designer Michael Ninness, shows many of the tips and tricks he's picked up throughout his career to make Excel work for him. Michael starts with his top ten shortcuts, then continues with tips for navigation, cell selection, formatting, and data entry. He shows how to make a sheet easier to read by shading every other row, and demonstrates how to remove hyperlinks from selected cells. He explains how to get basic statistics from the Status bar, and introduces the ever-useful AutoSum keyboard shortcut. This course is filled with useful tips for anyone who uses Excel to track projects, create spreadsheets, or build forms. Exercise files accompany the course. Topics include: Creating charts with a keyboard shortcut Hiding or customizing the Ribbon to save screen real estate Zooming in and out using only the keyboard Grouping rows or columns to create collapsible regions Building data-entry shortcuts with AutoComplete Parsing names into multiple columns for better sorting


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