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Rachel's English Video Responses

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Self-Study Content
  1. video respuesta.. pa' Reachel..

    I need to practice this.. it's kind of hard to say it..

  2. Rachel's English - Video response to University + United States

  3. Rachel's English - Video response to Money

  4. Family

    word of the week (Family)

  5. Rachel's English - Video response to Maine

  6. Rachel's English - Video response to Burrito

  7. RE - Time

  8. Video 1

  9. -.-

  10. Video response to Ben Franklin exercise

    It was my first time recording myself so I got more choppy... :)

  11. Rachel's English - Video response to Miss Rachel!

    i love Rachel's English :D PS. i recorded this video at 8.10 am :D (woke up at 8)

  12. Hi Rachel's english's fans

    Hello ! I am Phu( full name Trinh Tran Phu) from Hue,Vietnam. Nice to meet you !

  13. .Nice to meet you, Rachel

    .Nice to meet you, Rachel

  14. Greetings from Colombia to all Rachel's English fans

    This is my contribution to the introducing yourself challenge started by Rachel from Rachel's Englis

  15. Introducing my self

  16. Nice to meet you, Rachel.

    Nice to meet you, Rachel.

  17. 20150212 114502

    i m Youssef from Morocco

  18. Rachels English challenge!

  19. Introduction

  20. Introducing Yourself Challenge for Rachel's English

    Twin brothers introducing themselves to Rachel and the Rachel's English Community.

  21. MOV1007 0706 01012014

    i am kumar it is my self details

  22. Rachel's English - Introduce Yourself Challenge

  23. Introducing to Rechal's English (made in Vietnam)

    Hi Rechal and every body, please enjoy my video! Don't forget to leave a comment...

  24. VID 20150213 00003

    Hi Rache's English

  25. Rachel's english

  26. A little about myself

  27. trim 992306F6 44EE 4533 B448 FE4FA2A62E86

    Rachel's English challange submission.

  28. Rachel's English fan from Vietnam

    Hey guys. Nice to meet you all you guys. I'm from Vietnam. I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.

  29. Introducing Challenge! for Rachel's English

    Hi,Rachel I’m Pattranit [Little Pearl’s mom]. I'm Thai. My English was bad. I couldn’t speak

  30. Capture 20150219

    Introducing myself.

  31. Rachel English Challenge:Introduce Yourself 2

  32. Rachel English challenge:Introduce yourself

  33. Introducing Yourself challenge.

    Hi everyone!

  34. Video Challenge - Rachel's English

  35. Rachel's English Challenge: Introducing Yourself

    That's it and thanks so much for using... Lucas's English. LOL

  36. Introducing Video for Rachel's English

  37. Introduction for Rachel's English


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