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    Explain the following terms with one example each: (a) Corrosion (b) Rancidity

    Asked By Maninder Thakur


    • . (a) Corrosion : It is a process in which metal reacts with subtances present in atmosphere to form surface compounds for example, iron reacts with oxygen in the presence of moisture and forms rust. Silver turns black due to formation of siver sulphide and copper turns green due to the formation of copper carbonate.Rust Fe2O3.2H2O ( Hydrated ferric oxide)(b) Rancidity: It is a process in which food material gets spoiled when it comes in contact with oxygen.m It leads to the change in taste and smell of food materials. For example., butter gets spoiled due to oxidation at room temperature if kept for a longer time , it becomes sour intaste and gives a foul smell.The product for a longer time, it becomes sour in taste and gives a foul smell. The product formed on oxidation of foof is rancid and such a process is called rancidity.

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