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    Name the metals extracted by electrolysis.

    Class 10th Biology 

    Asked By Shailesh Giri


    • Actually its refining-purification of a metal once it is extracted from the ore but part of the same extraction process
      Example with copper:
      The appartus is set up for electrolysis, a tank containing its salt
      solution (acidified CuSO4), a strip a impure metal is made the
      anode(positive electrode) and strip of pure metal the cathode(negative)
      both dipped into the electrolyte(condusting solution). The metal is
      separated using electricity when the circuit is completed and power is
      turned on.
    • Electrolysis is the breakdown of chemical compounds by the passage
      of an electric current, with decomposition occuring at the elctrodes. An
      electrode is a conductor placed in a liquid electrolyte(Liquid that
      conducts electricity) One of the electrodes is negatively charged-the
      cathode and the other is positively charged- the anode. Reduction occurs
      at the cathode and oxidation at the anode.
    • Metals above carbon in the reactivity series
      (potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium, magnesium and aluminium) are extracted by electrolysis.
      Extraction from the metal ore involves reduction of the metal,
      and electrons can reduce any metal ion.
    • The aluminium ore is bauxite: Al2O3

      Electrolysis of Al2O3:

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