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    Please help me to write a letter to the newspaper editor on the fear due to widespread terrorism in the world?

    Write a letter to the Editor of 'The Hindu' on the fear that is spreading among people due to their  anxiety over the widespread terrorism in the world. Give suggestions to curb such anti-social activities. You are Vikram/Varsha.

    Asked By Kanika Dhawan


    • Examination Hall


      3 March 20XX

      The Editor

      The Hindu

      New Delhi-110002


      Sub: Widespread Fear of Terrorism

      Through this letter of mine, I wish to express my concern over the widespread fear caused in the minds of people because of growing terrorist  activities all over the world.

      Terrorism as a method to achieve political aims has become a worldwide phenomenon. However, the shameful and hideous terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in USA has given terrorism  a new dimension. The daring assault  on the dignity and prestige of one of the largest democracies of the world has shattered the faith of people completely. What is worse, it has left religious fanaticism behind as its offspring. The widespread communal riots as a fallout of these terrorist activities in India has instilled a great fear in the minds of common people. As it is, in the crossfire of political game, it is always the common man who suffers the most.

      Stringent methods must be taken to restore peace and harmony in the country. One must  keep the  interests  of the  nation  above the  interests  of the  community or the individual. Sanity must prevail at all costs.

      Yours truly,


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