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    Producers always occupy the first trophic level in any food chain. Why?

    Class 10th Chemistry

    Asked By Suresh Ram


    • Since producers are one which introduce energy source or organic food(
      food or energy is called trophic) for metabolism and development of the
      ecosystem they are placed at first level. They are capable of synthesize
      organic matter( Like Glucose) from inorganic source( like CO2, SO2)
      with the help of sunlight( as in plants and algae) or by chemical
      energy( as in chemo autotrophs).
    • That's because it's they who provide the basic food to members of the
      secondary,tertiary,quarternary & top carnivore levels.That means
      that except the top carnivore,all other members of the other trophic
      levels will ( not quite essential - especially for carnivores) have to
      depend on the first trophic level.If by chance this dies off,then the
      others just cannot exist.
    • Because the main source of every food chain is the sun and only
      producers are capable of using the sun to create energy.
      (photosynthesis) .

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