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    The BPP Study Text is still not uploaded on the flexiguru inspite of Repeated requests & moreover the print option is no

    I registered with Piron for DipIFR course in end of Nov 2012 for recorded classes & amount charged was INR 15,000/-. It was confirmed by Saurav Srivastav who at that time was handling all those issues that we will get the facility to Print the Presentations & Study text of BPP. It was also confirmed that the new videos will be uploaded on flexiguru as and when the new session starts. But since all the materials are moved on to the new server I am neither getting the study text of BPP uploaded there inspite of repeated requests nor any print option is allowed for any topic. Now sine reg. fees has already been paid it seems that I am being cheated in it.

    Asked By Ankit Bathwal


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