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    What was sabha in Chola empire?

    Class 7 - Social Studies


    • Land grants given to Brahamans called brahamadeya. These land grants wre looked after by an assembly (Sabha) of prominent Brahmana land holders which worked very efficiently.
    • Rajaraja on tour of his empire Chola political system was the only one which still maintained contact with the cultivator on a wild scale, and retained characteristics of a centrally organized administration. The political status Rajaraja I was certainly different from that of Amoghavarsha, the Rashtrakuta ruler, or Vishnuvardhana, the Hoysala ruler. The titles used by the Chola kings were Chakrvartigal (or Chakravarti). The royal household was run on an elaborate scale and royal patronage was lavish. The political role of Purohita (priest) as known to northern Indian politics underwent a modification in the Chola system. The Rajguru (priest of the royal family) of the Cholas became a confidant and confessor in addition to being the advisor in all matters temporal and sacred. For further advice there was an assembly of officer whom the king would consult.

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