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    What was the Civil Code of 1804 ?

    class-10th social science

    Asked By Kriya Sharma


    • The civil Code of 1804 – usually known as the Napoleonic code – abolished all
      the privileges based on birth, created quality before the law and secured the right to
    • The Napoleonic Code or Code Napoleon is the French civil code, established under Napoleon I in 1804. The code forbade privileges based on birth, allowed freedom of religion, and specified that government jobs go to the most qualified. It was drafted rapidly by a commission of four eminent jurists and entered into force on March 21, 1804.
    • Napoleon brought to completion a project dear to the hearts of the revolutionaries, the drafting of new law codes. The civil code was the most important of them because it institutionalized equality under the law (at least for adult men), guaranteed the abolition of feudalism, and, not least, gave the nation one single code of law replacing the hundreds in effect in 1789. As the following excerpts show, however, it also codified the subservience of women in marriage and of workers in their places of employment. Divorce was still allowed (it had been established in 1792), but under conditions that were very unfavorable to wives.

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