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    write the similarities and differences between the motion of a bicycle and a ceiling fan that has been switched on.

    CBSE Class VI (6th) Science

    Asked By Deepak Saini


    • Similarities: Wheel of a bicycle and ceiling fan (when on) both show circular motion.
      Differences: Cycle moves in rectilinear motion.
    • The motion of a bicycle is in rectilinear motion, the object covers a certain distance along a straight line or a track. Whereas the motion of a ceiling fan when switched on is in circular motion, which is not moving from one place to another.The circular motion of the wheel gives the bicycle a rectilinear motion and the periodical motion of a blade of a fan gives the fan a circular motion. If marked in a point on the wheel of a bicycle or a blade on the fan, the distance between the centre of the wheel/fan and the marked point will remain the same as they rotate.
    • Similarity:- Both ceiling fan and bicycle exhibit circular motion.
      Difference:- Bicycle shows rectilinear motion while ceiling fan does not.
    • Similarities in the motion of a bicycle and a ceiling fan that is switched on is both are in moving(Running) position.
      Bicycle run in rectilinear motion
    • because both of them have different motions wheel is circular motion and blade of electric fan is example of rotatory motion
      please share 

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