001. What Is Appraisal?

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Seat Time 00:00:01
Language English
Feature In this SkillBooster, you'll learn...
· the 7 key components of effective appraisals
· the benefits of appraisal for you and the organisation
· the effect of appraisal on a group of schoolteachers
· why appraisal is more than just a review
· how to improve performance by Professor Hal Leavitt
· the greatest service you can do to others
· why appraisal reflects the management cycle.


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The "What Is Appraisal?" SkillBooster from ManageTrainLearn is the perfect way to boost your knowledge and skillls in appraisal skills and so develop your competence in people management. The attractively-designed one-page summary will help you understand the role of appraisal in performance management. It will also give you an insight into how appraisal helps you understand the needs of your team and show you how to develop your existing skills and become a more effective appraiser.


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